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dōTERRA® is a new and rapidly growing company, with lots of exciting things happening almost every day.  With new products being released to other exciting products in development to published scientific studies on the effectiveness of essential oils as alternative therapies, this is the place to keep updated on what is going on.

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Lavender in the News

Reducing stress: A recent study at the Harris Methodist Fort Worth Hospital (reported on the Star-Telegram.com website) demonstrated that lavender oil, massaged into the forearms, was effective at reducing stress levels. 

In this study, 14 intensive care nurses, who worked 12-hour shifts, rubbed essential oils on their forearms and were then asked to rate their stress levels.  Half were given a true lavender and clary sage essential oil, while the other half were given a placebo, made from almond oil.  More than half of the nurses using the lavender essential oil reported a decrease in perceived stress.

The article emphasized the importance of using a pure, therapeutic-grade essential oil, that has not been diluted or spiked with chemical fillers.*

Other important benefits from lavender oil:

→ Reducing cortisol levels: chron.com reported on a study that found that just five minuted of exposure to a mild lavender scent helped to curb the release of cortisol, a stress hormone that can trigger inflammation and lead to premature aging.

→ Calming and promoting sleep: Other studies on lavender oil demonstrated its effectiveness in fighting insomnia and working as a calming agent.

→ Calming headaches: Lavender can be rubbed onto the temples to calm headaches.*



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