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PastTense™: Tension Blend from dōTERRA®

Powerful aromatic relief for tension — physically and emotionally

PastTense oil blend from doTERRA
Price:  $24.67

dōTERRA's proprietary blend for tension and the discomforts associated with headaches, provides calming comfort with the strength of CPTG® essential oils of wintergreen, lavender, peppermint, frankincense, cilantro, marjoram, Roman chamomile, basil and rosemary.

Packaged for convenient application in a roll-on bottle.


10 mL roll-on bottle.

About PastTense™ from dōTERRA®:

This is the essential oil blend that I turn to most often.  PastTense™, from dōTERRA®, has a wonderful fragrance that you'll want to wear anytime, and I've found it to provide really amazing relief from that tension I get at the base of my skull that results in a tight neck or headache.  I just roll some onto my neck, then massage it up toward the base of my skull.  It has saved me many trips to my chiropractor, and made the visits I did make much more productive.  I couldn't live without it.

A side note: Although I had been noticing a lot thickening of my hair after starting on the LifeLong Wellness Pack, I noticed, after applying some PastTense™ to the bald spot on the top of my head (about the size of my palm) that my bald spot started to fill in.  I wasn't thinking about this happening, so I never got a "before" picture to compare, but I'd guess that my bald spot has filled in between 30% – 40%, and has a lot of new growth coming in in the middle.  It won't change the world, but it's kindda nice.

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